You’re the APPLE OF MY EYE

Yes, you, my readers, are the apple of my eye. You are precious to me.
Как переводится “the apple of smb’s eye”? Как по-русски “be the apple of somebody’s eye”?
Перевод с английского на русский будет “ты свет моих очей/ты свет моих глаз”.
I have a day-off today, so here is the result:

This phrase came to (читать другую статью) English from Latin in the 9th century. Originally it meant ‘the pupil of the eye’. Here is how the original book and its translation looked:

King Alfred's Pastoral care and its original - 'Pastoral Care'

From the Hebrew to Latin to Old English.

                                                            WHAT NATIVES SAY

“You are the apple of my eye” from Alex Iswearenglish, who helped with the video example here:

4 July 2014

UPD: 6 may 2016 (the origin).

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