My student visited the USA

This spring my student, Oleg Orlov, realised his dream to visit the Great Canyon. He had spent half a year studying English with me (and, also, he had done some hard work before our course). Then he came to New York, and took a plane to Los Angeles, and there he took a flight to Miami. Of course, he complained that sometimes he could not understand some people. He said they spoke too fast and used unknown words. But, it didn`t prevent Oleg from meeting with condors. Here are some photos of his dream`s:

All photos above were taken by and belong to Oleg Orlov.

P.S. Those of you who can`t wait should visit these places on Google Street View:

1) Manhattan, Central Park, New York

2, 3) The Grand Canyon

4) The Empire State Building, New York

5) Brooklyn Bridge, New York

6) The Statue of Liberty, New York

7) The Empire State Building, New York

8) The Brooklyn Bridge, New York

9) World Financial Center in the distance.

10) Rockefeller plaza

11) Hollywood Walk of Fame, Los Angeles


11 July 2014

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