My exam and the British who helped me

Today is day one of my CAE examination. Hopefully there were enough right answers in my answer sheet. I need at least 60% of them to be correct because I’ve been waiting for the exam for 2 years. This is my rite of passage and that would be so frustraiting to fail it.
The exam began long before the actual date. The main difficulty was to get used to the schedule that had to be set to help me wake up at 8 AM today and go and win. The second difficulty was to get my British friends help me with the speaking practice. Thomas Sharp, Reiss Дарренович Digby, Dimi Romanov, Richard Devereaux-Ward, Joe Koberton – you’ve been so helpful and patient helping me.
But my most inspiring person was my teacher Karen*.

Respect your teacher

Respect your teacher

She’s gone through so many questions on grammar that anyone of us would’ve got jelly brains. Also, explaining what some obvious things are required of her not only telling ‘this thing is just this thing and nothing else’ but a thorough explanation.
Fortunately, preparing for your exam isn’t just cramming grammars, but also some exotic things. I even took meditations to impove my concentration skill! Oh, and now I know the names for radio reporters in London. Also, I’ve travelled all around the world with David Attenborough in his epic documentaries.
Tomorrow it is going to be the 2nd part of the exam – Speaking and that is the part where my British friends have been most helpful. There are going to be a couple British asking numerous questions and asking students to discuss the visuals.
With all your kind wishes and fingers crossed I’ll manage to get a piece of the pie.
P.S. This is how the place looks where my struggle’s going on:

*If you’d like to have some help with your IELTS preparation or get some speaking practice I could ask teacher Karen about it.

Voronezh, Russia, 29 November, 2014.