3G Internet from TriMob in my district would be great

We still don’t have any 3G Internet. You can see it in the picture, where the black antenna corresponds to my district.
This map shows Lysychansk and the 3G coverage of Trimob. Here the arrow shows an area with no coverage where some 3G coverage from Trimob is needed.
I have just written to our local provider to get their help with some mobile 3G internet here. Perhaps, it may seem obligatory  to some of my visitors to start using 3G at any time they would like to, but the 3G coverage we have here does not let you use any 3G Internet.
In order to decide the matter I contacted the closest available 3G Internet provider to ask them about the possibility to provide my district with some 3G antenna which will provide us with some 3G Internet here.
I told them that I’d recommend them put their antenna on the nearby ex-nursery building. There are no children there, so this relatively tall building would provide us with some reliable Internet in those conditions when now we cannot rely on the terrain cables.

They had got my letter and answered telling ‘You can contact our support and hand in your request for coverage, which will be taken in account by the company in its operation’. After that a well-mannered girl from their Help centre called me and took the request where I asked to put an antenna in my area for 3G savvy users.

Lysychansk_map_Luhansk oblast_request the lower part of the town

Picture 2

I am posting this article to keep track of changes TriMob have done to improve the current (see picture 2) state of events. One day, I hope, I will Skype when my cable Internet disappears again.

29 April 2015, UL.

UPD 30 April 2015: I would like to thank Trimob for getting my wish realised. Perhaps, they will consider my request because today a member of the staff sent m a letter telling that my wish was sent to a corresponding department of the company. 🙂 I am still not happy with their implied proposition which basically would lead to changing my mobile number in return for getting 3G Internet from MTS (МТС in original) which I already can get, the only problem being that it’s not 3G and I would have to pay money for the number which I don’t really need. In fact, who needs a number in an only reliably working net when the only realistic benefit is the fast and on touch Internet. Trimob, don’t people here ask you to give them 3G?
Credits. While making the article I used this map. Also, thanks to Trimob and their site where they put their coverage map. I simply combined them.

Репетитор английского в 2D и 3D

Дискуссия в соцсети:

А: “Ребята, посоветуйте хорошего репетитора. Не скайп”.

Б: “Интересно услышать минусы обучения по скайпу”.

В: “Есть много здоровеннейших минусов:

1) Нельзя ощутить запах репетитора – он может быть незабываемо утончённым после часа в автобусе.

2) Нельзя потрогать репетитора. Вдруг, вы захотите  потрогать за что то.

3) Это не 3D – репетитор двухмерный, а не трёхмерный. A picture of a male head duplicated to create a 3D effect, for which one head is red whilу another is blue.

4) Не видно полезные жесты, особенно жесты ниже пояса и движения ногами.

5) Глазам вредно – целые 45 минут у монитора повышают риск получения расстройств зрения.

6) Возле монитора – вредное излучение. Это укорачивает жизнь на фоне и так уже вездесущего всепробивающего вайфая.

7) Это не традиционно. Традиции же не зря изобрели – надо им следовать, просто надо (и не надо сложных вопросов)”.

8) Феромоны. С древних времён люди использовали эти пахучие вещества для выражения влечения, ненависти. Расположены они в паху, подмышках. Единственная проблема состоит в том, что за миллионы лет эволюции вы почти потеряли обонятельные луковицы, реагирующие на феромоны.

9) Дети, всё-таки, более усидчивы, когда рядом находится массивный взрослый человек.

А теперь, какие же плюсы преподавания онлайн? http://busyteacher.org/24511-is-teaching-online-right-for-you.html
P.S. В изготовлении 3D изображения были использованы модели с сайтов: http://www.cgtrader.com, http://wiki.openstreetmap.org.

Sergey Larin, Voronezh, Russia, 4 April 2015.


Russian VS British Fools’ Days

Yes, this is the 1st of April, the Fools’ Day. Congrats. I wanted to compare the traditions of making jokes in Britain and Russia. Listen, I failed. Instead, I’ll tell you how I failed and what was found instead. Right. I decided to find out if there are any traditions in our two peoples. When I was sending questions to my friends I was keeping in mind that some jokes are universal. Like, we say ‘Your knees are dirty from behind.’ But, soon, the answers started coming from people. A photoshopped image of Misha Mavashi from Russia where he poses on a photo with a question in Russian: First, Russians: Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Vologda, Novosibirsk. Life is difficult there: Ivan: «У нас как-то все замороченные кто чем. Работа, дети, проблемы разные… Груз забот накапливается и не дает отвлечься». Maria: «тут я не помощник, потому что ни я, ни мое окружение не воспринимаем этот день как какой-то особенный для веселья. Не припоминаю, чтоб надо мной подшучивали, и я особо не прикалывалась.» Vasiliy: “Сергей, с завтрашнего дня готов продолжать обучение”. Alexey: “Ну, как – говоришь с серьезным лицом – У тебя вся спина белая, где измазался? И смотришь, как человек начинает вертеться, искать, снимает пиджак и т.д. 🙂 Классика, на каждое 1-е апреля все попадаются, даже те, кто сам год назад так подкалывал) Главное, с утра зарядить, пока еще не начеку все)))”. Maxim: “Hi! Tried to collect them, but there weren’t. That seems to me we are boring.” Now, the British friends here: John: “The back on your knees are dirty”. “Is your nose runnin? You should go catch it.” Michael: “There are stories in the press every year. Which are fake. That is one of our traditions. Search “spaghetti trees”. This is the original one. We don’t play any specific jokes on each other. People play their own ones I imagine, but I don’t know what they are. They could be anything.” All in all, my searches showed that in general Russians live a rather serious way of living. On the other hand, British still stick to their traditions. If you know about any traditions on the Fools’ Day, please, post them in the comments below. P.S. To other people whose replies aren’t here: thank you and, please, have one free lesson.