I hope + you like it VS you’ll like it

   Here is the question a student of mine asked me on Skype: «Как сказать «надеюсь тебе понравится»? «I hope you will like it?»»

   The answer is in my favourite grammar by Michael Swan (Practical English Usage, 3), entry 250, 1, tenses after hope::

This is a page from the Practical English Grammar by Michael Swan, point 250 on the verb 'hope'..

A page from Swan (Michael)

      I also asked Thomas Sharp, my London friend the same question on which variant suited more, and his answer was a complete opposite: «”You will’’. But the contraction you’ll is most common here so maybe that’s why you’re confused. “I hope you like it” is not really grammatically correct.» It seems to be the problem is caused by their similar pronunciation (you’lllike/youlike) as he also pointed out.

    You can follow the theoretical or the practical piece of advice.

Have a good time with your grammar and stay tuned!

P.S. In case you find it difficult to browse the book manually you can use an Android app which also has a usable index to its entries.
This photo is a screenshot of the Practical Engiish usage application on Android.

Practical English Usage apk



3 Nov 2015


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