Present Simple and no articles in titles

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  One of my readers asked (Может быть правильнее «CAE IS achieved»?) me why I used the Present Simple instead (of) the Past Simple in a title like this ‘Superman’s dog finally receives training’.

Why use present simple instead of past tenses. Grammar.

Почему Present Simple вместо Past Simple? Грамматика. Автор: Admin:

Explanation: in many titles in native media you can find some simpler than usual usages of sentences. For example: ‘Reader gets happy’ instead of ‘the reader got/has got happy’. Why they use it is up to them, but we can notice a tendency; instead of the past tenses the author uses the Simple Tenses group. The tendencies of such a simplification made the title of this article become the Present Simple example. But, the logically better way should be: ‘THE Present Simple and no article in titles’.

         If you want to remember this theory, you can practice these exercises:


This picture is a photo woth exercises for newspapers headings.

Упражнения на заголовки.
Exercises on headings


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