Red paintings of Jack the Ripper

   There is that famous Enigma about the true identity of Jack the Ripper. One of the suspects was Walter Sickert, the painter who worked in London.

Is Sickert the real murder?

Is Sickert the real murderer?

   One of my textbooks has that exercise where you have to point at the killer. But, why don’t we look at Sickert’s paintings? One of them is this beautiful woman. Her clothes are blood-red.


Why is it important to look at the picture? Look for yourself and let me know your opinion in the comments. But, for me there is some similarity between the victims and the character in the picture. They are all red with the colour of blood. Somewhere there the killer could be in the darkness. Maybe, lurking in the corner.

P.S. The screenshot is from the book ‘New English File Intermediate’ which I prefer for my lessons on Skype.

Choose the villain

Choose the villain

Бесплатный пробный урок: добавьте меня в Скайпе — inyazserg.

Sergey Larin, Lisichansk, 2015,December 19.


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